Interior designer Ernesto Fusco works on exclusive projects for private residences and commercial spaces.

Thanks to the professional experience gained from work on construction sites and relations with national and international clients, he has acquired a high level of competence in the design and construction of high-profile interiors.


Each interior design project is studied in detail, from the distribution of the rooms to the study of the lights,

from the design of custom-made furnishings to the final decorations.

Latest projects:


Dubai, United Arab Emirates


A private villa located in the Dubai desert. A stylistic research inspired by the classicism of the past, thought in a contemporary key. An interior design e home styling project that involved numerous Italian artisans and the most famous made in Italy design brands.

Naples, Italy


A young and dynamic space, essential in lines and furnishings. An appartment with a minimalistic style, overlooking one of the most beautiful Italian gulfs.

Amalfi Coast, Italy


A contemporary private residence in an exclusive location overlooking the beautiful sea of Amalfi Coast. An architecture with clear lines, where the white dominates the spaces and frames the color accents of the hand made ceramics.

Benevento, Italy


A total renovation for a small apartment. An open and young home, with an essential and functional design.

Vista sul giardino dallo Studio Fusco

Through the careful study of the context and the client's lifestyle, each project by the Ernesto Fusco interior design studio is unique and exclusive with the highest standards of aesthetic and technical quality.

Ongoing projects:


Work in Progress - Benevento, Italy


An architecture and interior design project for the construction of a duplex with light tones and an essential elegant design.

Work in progress - Sète, France


An Interior Design and Furniture project for a private villa in a Mediterranean scrub overlooking the sea in the south of France.


Work in progress - Acqui Terme, Italy


Tradition and contemporaneity are the guidelines of this project for a private villa in the upper Monferrato.


Work in progress - Italy


A transformation project from an open space office to a residential apartment.

Living del progetto di interior design Classicismo Contemporaneo


"The Classicism and Contemporary style of Ernesto Fusco"



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"The Classicism and Contemporary style of Ernesto Fusco"



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