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Ernesto Fusco was born in Benevento.

After graduating from the artistic high school of Benevento, he attended the University of Architecture in Naples.

However, his passion for interior design led him to the Higher Institute of Design, where he graduated as an interior architect under the guidance of Riccardo Dalisi after three years.

During this time, he completed his first projects, ranging from graphic design to interior design.

Subsequently, he established his studio in Benevento, where he has been working on interior design projects for private and commercial spaces since 2003. Motivated by a constant quest for new inspirations, he relocated to Oslo, Norway, where he established his new studio. He continues to work on projects across Europe and the Middle East.

His signature style is characterized by a meticulous pursuit of simplicity within a contemporary framework, while also paying homage to the timeless beauty of the past.



Verification and measurements of project areas.



New floor plans, generally with one or more project proposals (floor plans, section/elevation, and 3D illustrations) showing furniture layout, from which the client will choose the one that best suits their needs, and any modifications will be discussed.



These are the final designs (floor plans, section/elevation, and 3D illustrations) with precise definition of materials and furniture, to then be transformed into an executive project (PHASE 4). In this phase, materials, technical lighting, and finishes such as floors, tiles, wallpapers, fabrics, etc., will be defined. Initial proposals for furniture will also be evaluated.



Delivery of final technical drawings to be used by workers or construction companies for the project realization, complete with measurements, furniture layouts, construction technical details, lighting and water systems, special constructions, decorations, and executive projects for custom-made furniture.



The studio will prepare procurement lists for everything needed for the project realization (coverings, floors, technical lights, sanitary fixtures, etc.). The lists will also include all furniture (brand, model, color, cost) and decorative elements (objects, lamps, fabrics). The studio will obtain quotes from all its trusted suppliers or those chosen by the client for the supply of all the listed materials, as well as for the execution of construction, installation, and finishing works.

This allows for a clear understanding of the costs involved in realizing the project.



Follow-up on work progress during the construction period.

Adjustments to drawings as needed for any adaptations after demolition work.

Dialogue with artisans regarding solutions to challenges that arise along the way.

Follow-up on product and goods deliveries.

The designer or a collaborator will periodically check the site or whenever necessary to provide on-site support to the work of the companies, ensuring that the works on site are carried out in accordance with the executive project.


It is an essential component of every interior design project undertaken by the studio, yet it is also provided as an exclusive service, aimed at enhancing spaces and accentuating their beauty. With our profound expertise, even small, simple gestures—such as furniture arrangement, color changes, and the addition of new accessories—can create fresh scenarios and evoke new emotions.


In a unique moment like the one we are experiencing, which requires us to slow down, reduce travel, and reconsider the spaces where we live...

We have created a temporary online design service to renovate your home, tailored for clients near or far who desire a project executed by Ernesto Fusco without the full commitment of a comprehensive service.

Discover more on the dedicated page for the online service.

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