A selection of Interior Design and Home Styling projects for private residences and commercial spaces


Dubai, United Arab Emirates


An exclusive villa in Dubai. 960 square meters of environments that follow one another between contemporary lines and classic references.



Cover interior design project - Contemporari Classicism
Cover interior design project - Romantic Nest

Cetara, Italy


A private residence overlooking the splendid sea of ​​the Amalfi Coast. A tribute to the beauty of hand-painted ceramics.

Benevento, Italy


A radical renovation for a small apartment for a young couple.

A young environment with an essential design.

Copertina progetto interior design - In Bianco e Nero

Naples Italy


A total renovation of a duplex apartment overlooking one of the most beautiful gulfs in Italy. A decidedly contemporary design, where white is the main protagonist.

Benevento, Italy


An interior design project for a small open space apartment housed in a private villa.

Rome Italy


A search for styles and atmospheres, for a unique and timeless identity.

Caserta, Italy


A contemporary space with light and enveloping tones, where architecture becomes a furnishing element.

Copertina progetto interior design - Armonie Zen


Benevento, Italy


Rigor and elegance are the basis of this project, where the walls become containers and frame the furnishing elements.


Florence, Italy


In the heart of Tuscany, the cellars of an old farmhouse in the countryside come back to life.

Mosk Russia


Respect for architectural symmetries and greige as a base color are the dominant elements of this project in the heart of the Soviet capital.


Work in Progress


Ongoing project for a private villa in the south of France.


Benevento, Italy


In just 30 square meters, this small Sushi Bar is a concentration of balance between shapes and materials with a strong Japanese accent.


Benevento, Italy


A vegetarian restaurant in the ancient Lombard walls.

Work in Progress


An ongoing project for the transformation of two independent apartments into a duplex.


Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates


Interior design project for the new spaces of the Alasimi Foundation headquarters.

Work In Progress

Transformation project from office to apartment for a young couple.

Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates


A small canteen space for the offices of the RakGas headquarters.


Work in Progress


A total renovation project for a villa in Monferrato.


Work in Progress


An interior design project for a small apartment with stunning views of the Dubai Fountain.


Benevento, Italy

A restyling project for a restaurant in an exclusive location.

Work in Progress


An architectural project for the construction of a green oasis with a private SPA on a dune in the Dubai desert.


Benevento, Italy


Raw iron and gray wood for a club bar with an underground flavor.

Work in Progress


Interior design project for a private residence surrounded by greenery on the outskirts of Brussels.


Benevento, Italy


Symmetries and functional rigor for a footwear showroom.

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